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I’m Andrew David editor of the Betting Doctor and with your permission I’d like to help you increase your betting profits, starting today.

If you’re looking for high risk punts or push button profits this isn’t for you. I’m interested providing proven, manageable, scientific betting techniques that you can easily implement.

If you want low risk, proven techniques you can use to make regular gains from betting then you’re in the right place.

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Oppose the experts and make money

I’m a great fan of quick to implement trading strategies with the mission of making a quick buck and then moving on to make another quick buck by using the rinse and repeat procedure. It’s an approach favoured by many as it allows them to bet and trade around their...

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Sack the short term mentality and profits will follow

First a quick note about the world cup. Not exactly going to form is it? Germany losing to Mexico, Brazil drawing to the Swiss and to begin it all Iran beating Morocco! Not major shocks as some would make out but upsets nonetheless. Maybe these countries are improving...

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Can you SAW your way to profit?

For some it’s what you may call a ‘saw point’ if you excuse the pun but using the SAW (Stop At A Winner) is a staking option favoured and indeed loved by those that use it. So let’s look at the nuts and crannies of SAW staking in operation using an example; Let’s say...

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My tips for the World Cup and a potential 300/1 Trade Out!

This week I’m taking a quick look at the World Cup and a few pointers of what I plan to do for the tournament starting on 13th June. The usual suspects head the market with Brazil (as ever) just marginal favourites at a best priced 9/2 and Germany and Spain next best....

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How to Use Filters to Improve your Strike Rate

A night out with a few of my trader/gambling buddies certainly shows how times change when it comes to finding angles to keep ahead of the game. One fundamental rule never changes however and that is to look for markets where value may be overlooked by the masses. One...

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Become a robot and make your betting pay

No I’m not talking about betting bots, I’m talking about acting like a robot when it comes to betting and trading. In other words betting ‘without’ any emotion to make your profits. It’s a cold hard approach that works for many, including many of my friends, and could...

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