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Andrew DavidAndrew David here!

Many of you will no doubt have heard of me via my various articles in racing related publications, or from various products that I’ve published.

Products that on the whole  I’m pleased to say have been well received. Although I’m the first to admit you can’t please all of the people all of the time but judging by feedback many are doing very well on the back of my methodologies.

However I’m not here to please!  I’m here with one mission in mind – To help drive ‘YOUR’ betting account/s into profit if you let me – Pure and Simple!

If you want to join me on this exciting and profitable journey then signing up to my new and exciting newsletter ‘Betting Doctor’ is a must and the place to be if you’re serious about the next push forward in your betting.

What’s more, if you are still being allowed to bet without restriction with your Traditional bookmaker then its obvious you’re doing something wrong and there is even more urgency to sign up now!

You see BOOKMAKERS want losers! My job therefore is to get you to a point where they don’t want your business. Then and only then will you be on the right lines.

Don’t worry as we don’t need them for the strategies I will be parting with anyway, besides I can show you ways around getting banned should you still wish to use them and avail of the BOG offers etc.


If you expect to win thousands overnight and moan when you don’t then please give this newsletter a swerve as this is not the way to go and by now you probably realise that.

If on the other hand you want to open your mind to profitable angles for building your bank with REALISTIC targets then sign up to my new free Betting Doctor Newsletter today in what’s going to be a fruitful journey!

Finding Your Betting Niche…

In my own betting life it soon became clear that slow and steady wins the race and that means setting realistic targets and building towards these targets with sensible staking & compounding. I will be bringing many of these types of methods to you in the future.

Everyone is different and if you can withstand longer losing runs and big profit services I can help you there to, in helping to build you a balanced portfolio of low to medium risk methods with a sprinkling of high risk involved if you so wish. Of course it all depends on your own risk appetite and funds available.

In my forthcoming newsletters I will be revealing many profitable and simple to implement angles that you can use to profit. Many of which go against a lot of the rules you’ll find in most betting manuals but who cares – they work, and that’s what I’m about – methods that work!

I will also be touching on best staking practice, value, different areas of gambling where we can get the edge.

From time to time I will delve into the world of evaluating other products that may or may not work. In fact I can tell almost instantly if a method has legs or not by mere observation of the rules and that only comes with lengthy experience, and very few have stood the test of time for one reason or another.

Having said that, there are a handful who really do pull out the stops for their paying members and I will be highlighting such services as they really do deserve a mention.  So do please take note of the ones that I do bring to your attention and where possible I will also be bartering for free trial periods so you can dip your foot into the water so to speak before committing a penny of your hard earned.

Now I would like to give you a bit of background on my own personal betting style and the experiences (some of them harsh) that got me to where I am today.

The Early Days…

The early days consisted of the usual delusions of grandeur I’m sure many of you would recognise and that is trying to win £100’s from smallish stakes. Then BANG the odd biggish win would arrive and I was holding and folding for a few days thinking this game is easy money – how wrong could I be?

My interest in Horse racing/betting was ignited and took a firm hold from an early age. In fact it was born at of curiosity more than anything else during my paper round days.

You see, every morning I delivered a copy of the old Sporting Life broadsheet to a grand house in a leafy suburb of the Midlands. (yes the midlands does have leafy suburbs before anyone starts to quip).

The driveway to the house was awesome with loose gravel and the obligatory garden ornament of a boy weeing into the fountain as a centrepiece.

On the occasions I met the owner he always seemed to be in a good humour even on days where his paper was torn to shreds as a result of trying to push it through his very unforgiving letterbox.

My over active imagination led me to believe he must be collecting big time from his betting, maybe he had a secret system, and the sporting life was the tool he used to obtain such wealth?

It never crossed my mind he may have actually worked for his money or had a rich wife? Although working seemed doubtful as when delivering the evening local newspaper I would often see him polishing his 2 luxury cars parked half way out his huge double garage.

Whatever he was doing to afford such a lavish lifestyle I wanted a piece of the action!

Obviously I was too young to bet so trusted my fellow paper round colleague Sean who almost had a beard at the age of 15 and could have passed for 20 nevermind 18!

So every morning I decided to take a cheeky 15 minute look at his copy before delivering.  I began by picking 4 horses based on the biggest named jockeys of the time, Lester Piggot, Willie Carson,  Pat Eddery and placed them in accumulators hoping for some nice big wins. Guess what? The big win never arrived and my paper round money was disappearing faster than a Mars Bar at a weight watchers meeting!

Sadly I’d given up trying to win my fortune from my 50p multiples and started to narrow my focus down to picking just ‘One’ strong bet per day.

By now I was hooked and started to read many books on the subject. It soon became clear even at an early age I had to narrow my focus, be more selective in my approach and stay away from multiples. All of which still apply today if you want to make it pay.

All this was running parallel to me taking my ‘O’ levels so you can imagine my parents disgruntle at catching me reading ‘Timeform’s Top 50 horses to follow’ instead of reading some nonsense about a little known writer born in Stratford called Shakespeare who apparently is quite famous I’m told.

I digress, so I began looking at Favourites at courses where they performed above the average percentage wise and where they were clear in price from the others in the race. I used the Sporting Life forecast as my only resource. (no internet in them days I’m afraid).

My mission was to pick just ‘one’ strong fancy daily and from memory I had backed the winner everyday for 5 consecutive days on several occasions. The buzz I got from checking the race result was immense whether my selection won or lost.

From there on I was hooked, and as soon as I turned age I would frequent my local Corals every weekend and soon became part of the betting shop family of characters all hoping to win some easy money.

Hard Lessons Learnt…

I started to record every bet in an old school exercise book (I knew they would come in handy), and at one point I had close to £500 in used £5 & £10 notes rolled up in an Bisto gravy carton buried deep behind my much treasured copies of Shoot and Roy of the Rovers.

All was going well until one bank holiday when greed took hold and I decided to increase my stakes. It was clear I wasn’t mentally ready for this jump in stakes and so it proved a bad mistake. I was well out of my comfort zone and after a few losers I began to panic and deviated from my selection process and was soon chasing losses on short priced favourites that failed to Win leaving me dead in the water.

By the end of the Bank holiday weekend I was left with just 10p to my name from a near £500 betting bank. I left the bookies and treated myself to a consolation bag of Pickled Onion flavoured Monster Munch and walked home licking my wounds –  Funny the things you remember?

I learnt a harsh lesson that weekend and on reflection I was betting big in comparison to most of the hardened betting shop regulars. Often having £50 bets and for an 18 year old taking home £70 a week this led most to thinking I was a major drug dealer or the like!

One betting shop character nicknamed ‘Happy Harry’ having  seen my disappointment at one losing bet asked how much I had on, I said ‘50’ He said ‘50p’ I said no fifty pound! His face looked a picture and to this day I’m sure he thought I was telling porky pies – little did he know!

That weekend gave me a major reality check. The following day I decided if I’m going to ‘bet to win’ I must take it far more seriously with proper procedures in place and the self discipline to walk away whether my strongest bet for the day won or lost.

Over the next few years a small matter of work got in the way of taking it really seriously. I even tried many of the so called pro tipster services of the day and early racing computer programs and all with mixed results.

I even worked with the enemy for a period as an assistant to an on course bookie. This was a high learning curve on how bookies operate and what they look out for in terms of taking big bets. It’s not necessarily the amount of money that gets bookies running scared it’s ‘who’ that money is from. Bookies have a great network of intelligence out there in the field and are usually the first to know about so called ‘hot’ horses. It’s often said that if bookies were to run the intelligence side of operations during world war 1 & 2 both wars would have been over in a matter of months! So hats off to those that plan and succeed in pulling off coups as it’s not easy to avoid the bookies radar.

It was a decade later I decided to go it alone after witnessing the results of the so called professionals with some charging up to £1,000 a year!

This self analysis began by deciding what sort of betting suited me and my risk appetite. I concluded by nature I’m risk adverse, and hence why much of my work to this day is generally based on low risk strategies whereby you can start small and build up using simple rinse & repeat methods.

Next was to specialise in one area of racing with laser like focus, the area I knew most about and that centred on ‘Non Handicap’ Races.

Then applying a few selection filters, one of which was looking for horses that ‘can’t’ win, rather than looking for those that can win. This would leave me with a short list for further analysis. Eg, going, trainer form, market confidence.

From thereon I would just immerse myself in this area of Racing on a day to day basis. It was soon to pay dividends and my bank was building nicely over time and with it I developed a feel for the likely winners in each race evaluated only made possible by specialising.

So there you have it! A brief journey on what brought me to where I am today and what led me to the type of betting that suits me most.

However that’s my own style, you may be different, in which case I will be covering many areas of betting and you’re sure to find one that suits YOU best which is all important.

Whatever you decide the number one mission from my newsletters is going to be – PROFIT!

So come aboard and join the profit ship Betting Doctor

I can write you out a few painless prescriptions to guide you into profit with some neat methods that will build your betting bank, one of which turned £100 into £6,000 in just 6 months. This is just one of many FREE bank boosting methods I plan to give away as a welcome gift for signing up.

(By the way my paper round customer who sparked my curiosity with his grand house’ turned out to be an ex bookie who sold his small chain of North Midland shops to Ladbrokes – How ironic is that!)

Speak Soon!

Andrew David




Andrew David