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Unfortunately I’m not talking about 8 pints of the liquor kind (although truth be told I’ve probably surpassed that figure with the black stuff at numerous Cheltenham festivals as far as I can remember).

What I’m talking about is 8pts of the betting variety. That’s our new monthly target from both of our strategies on the Testing Pod Areas 1 & 3.

One strategy is the ‘Back Both Teams To Score’ abbreviated in many markets as BTTS. We simply back the ‘NO’ option on advised selections as below;

Our target monthly profit is 4pts. We stake to win 1pt at the odds available.

So if you are looking to win £100 as your 1pt unit and the odds to Back the BTTS ‘No’ option are 2.30 you would stake £77 to win that £100.

For the BTTS trial we hit the 4pt monthly target on 9th July. We now start again on 5th August. The target was reached in just 5 days after the first day was a break even one. See how we reached our target here:

Against The Double (ATD) Horse Racing Lay Strategy…

The other strategy is the ATD (Against The Double) Horse Racing Lay method that was restarted on July 4th after a successful 4 month test on the T-Pod.

We have already reached and surpassed the 4pt target for ATD as well on Tuesday with +4.37 so that’s now over 8pts combined for  ATD & BTTS.

Having reached our target in a short space of time for both tests it is of course tempting to carry on and make even more. However I will explain the reason why we stop.

Reasoning Behind Stopping at 4pts Profit…

During the original Test of ATD we hit 4pts profit twice in each of the 4 months before a reduction in strike rate lost us a few points which left us chasing our tail and forced us to rebuild again.

It’s been shown over the months we can hit 4pts quite easily and by the same token we can also lose it. Therefore stopping once we hit our target will help avoid any potential drawdown that arrives and so prudent to impose this ceiling.

Here’s the month by month profits if we had imposed this ceiling over the past 4 months of the test; Obviously we didn’t hit 4 points dead on so there will be a few extra points included;

Month 1: +4.21pts
Month 2: +4.45pts
Month 3: +4.75pts
Month 4: +4.14pts
Month 5: +4.37pts 

Total P/L = +21.92pts

If we can continue hitting 4pts profit for both BTTS & ATD we are looking at over 8pts monthly which will do for us especially when using both in conjunction with the compounding plan I illustrate in the opening paragraph of Testing Pod Area (2).

We have now hit over 8pts from ATD and BTTS combined to compound over to next month.

For example;
(Based on 8pts profit monthly that we have just made from both tests combined).

If you started with a £300 bank and aimed to win 5% on each bet (£15) then you would have made £120 profit. Therefore, your new bank total would be £420. So 5% of £420 is £21.00 and that would be your profit aim next month.

That’s the plan anyway. Remember, this is a testing pod so play with small stakes but so far this one looks to have legs.

Head over and see what it’s all about here and scroll to the bottom for the latest news: