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It’s the second week of our 2 trials and here’s a summary of how they got on:

Flat Racing Master:

After a great opening week this service has now slipped slightly into the red after a difficult week. Take a look here to see how the results panned out:

Pro Footy Tips:

A very solid week for the service that has added another nice chunk to the first week’s gains. There was only 5 bets for the service and it appears they hit on a nice bit of value from a lower league match that saw them claim a nice 5/1 winner. See how they have added to their profits here.

Testing Pod Area – Football Update & New Horse Racing Strategy…

Our Football Strategy is making slow but steady progress especially on the 88thMinute trade option and I’m confident the Bet & Go option will also start to build well. See more here.

Horse Racing Testing Pod Strategy…

Next Thursday 26th January I will be starting a new Testing Pod trial for Horse Racing strategy It will be of the same ilk as the Football strategy,  that is low risk and steady gains that we can compound over.

The main difference is the Horse Racing strategy may build profits quicker as there will be selections everyday 7 days per week – so look out for that starting NEXT THURSDAY 26th JANUARY.