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Those of you who are into your ballroom dancing like me – ahem – will be aware of the Foxtrot (‘slow, slow, quick, quick, slow’).

Or maybe you like to grace the dance floor with the good old English classic, the Military Twostep?

Well the same ‘quick, quick, slow’ rhythm could be applied to the win/lose pattern developing with some of the services I’m currently reviewing. This is especially the case for services aiming for high priced winners and with a strike rate of around the 20-25% mark.

One such service is Betting Gods, where from a few weeks of nothing they’ve gone into Foxtrot ‘quick, quick’ mode and banked 63 points in just one day!

Let us not forget the Carl Nicholson value service that has periods of ‘slow, slow’ then ‘quick, quick’ profits where the winners for some strange reason come in clusters. Another service that appears to be doing the Foxtrot with its win/lose pattern.

At present both look like they would be a handful for any bookmaker when used together.

Now before you point out you’ve been restricted and thus would be unable to avail yourselves of these services using traditional bookies, there may be some good news on the horizon.

Cue ‘Black Type Bet’, a new bookmaker into the market promising not to ban or restrict punters and willing to Lay any price to lose £500. That will do for me!

They do however have a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy for those using software to detect Arbs (Backing all outcomes to an event across differing bookies and skimming a risk free profit).

Personally, I give this news a cautious welcome. If they do as promised for the foreseeable then I for one can dust down and bring back to life a handful of lucrative methods that have since been sadly shelved as a result of bookie restriction and closures.

Time will tell, as they say. You can find out more by clicking here.

Trial updates…

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