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I’m a great believer in doing what works for you no matter how unconventional it may appear to others. This goes for every area of everyday life or tasks you may undertake.

On a recent visit to my pro gambling friend I found him trading on Betfair to the sounds of Mr Blue Sky by the great ELO playing just below medium volume in the background. In fact, I think he went through the whole very best of ELO while I was there.

I couldn’t help but question why, not why ELO but why he listened to music while trading and didn’t it provide a distraction? He replied ‘it puts me in a good place’, fair enough I said and judging by his Betfar account who am I to argue!

We’ve worked together on many projects sharing ideas and that days visit was to work on a few bonus angles he agreed to share with me for my Quick Fire members. It’s amazing what you can come up with when bouncing ideas off each other with Mr Blue Sky playing in the background.

Link to QFB

In fact his ELO compilation actually put me in a feel good mood for the whole day and thought I would give it a go with my own trading when I got home.

Rightly enough I did find it relaxing, but not to the point that it skewed my focus. In fact, quite the opposite. I had laser sharp attention and made what I would call the right decisions and at the right time, or that’s how it felt anyway.

Another side to this was when a trade went against me I was not overly down and remained marginally more optimistic than if I was trading in silence.

To sum up, find out what works for you and use it whether unconventional or not. Whether it’s trading while hanging upside down eating bananas or whatever.

After all, I have a sister who could only study when the TV or radio was in on high volume much to the annoyance of everyone around her. No two TV’s in them days. She went on to achieve top marks in all her subjects as well – arggggh!

Against The Double (ATD) Horse Racing Lay Strategy…

Back to business this month for a two strategy approach where we aim for 4pts from each and stop when we have reached that target, so 8pts in total to be compounded.

We reached our target pretty early last month and let’s see what happens this month. The next cycle begins this Saturday 5th August so make sure you click on both of the links below from this date onwards until we reach our target.

ATD (Horse Racing):

BTTS (Football):

Right, I’m off to trade to the tunes of another ELO great ‘Sweet Talkin Woman’

No ‘g’ in talking if you’re wondering!