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Don’t you just love it when you purchase something then a week later the very same item is reduced by 25%. Yes that’s happened to me twice, once when purchasing a bike for my youngest and then recently on a washing machine purchase, although I did manage to get a better deal on a Fridge Freezer so I suppose 1 out of 2 ain’t bad?

Of course it’s knowing when to buy that is the big question, especially with major purchases such as houses or cars.

I guess like betting we just have to take the rough with the smooth in terms of getting best price and when to make our move. At some stage we have to take the plunge and that in itself is a gamble.

In either case using bookies to obtain best price is bad policy as by their very nature they are there to take your money and as such offer very poor value across all markets due to their in built edge.

Unless you can spot early pricing errors, then there is no point in using them at all. Even then, if you continue to spot such pricing errors you will have limited shelf life. Good while it lasts though, especially when you’re getting 2/1 about a real evens chance!

Those who specialise in less obscure markets seem to be very adept when it comes to spotting pricing errors and in some cases are one step ahead of the overstretched bookie traders who price them up. Not a fault of the traders per se, it’s just they have to price up multiple markets and in some markets they can fall short knowledge wise and that’s where the hawk eyed specialist can step in and snap the value. One such specialist I tipped the wink a few weeks back was the Scotsman who’s main area of focus as the name suggests is Scottish football. He lives and breathes this area and hence his success.

I have a policy that if I am happy with a price I will take it there and then and then if it drifts and I can’t find any valid reason for the drift I will have a bit more on. 

There are small drifts and major drifts, major drifts obviously concern me especially where a runner doubles in price close to the off and if that happens stay clear! However a drift of 1-3 betting points and I am more than happy to go in again with a bit extra. 

Going in again when the price slightly drifts is a policy followed by many and the reason for the slight drift is usually interest surrounding other runners allowing yours to be pushed out but still with the same chance of winning from the time you originally evaluated.(barring any drastic going changes).

Testing Pod Update:

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

After 4 losing days we are still in profit by +11.05 points after 5 weeks of testing.

We also have the addition of an ‘Under 2.5 Goals’ system test added on Sunday last, whereby we use the same selections and staking plan but we Back UNDER 2.5 Goals. Hopefully running the two together as a combo can increase profits further and smooth out the profit/loss curve. That’s the plan anyway, so nip over now and see what’s going on;