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A lot of things used to pee me off in my schooldays not least the fact that I wasn’t allowed into bookies. Obviously there was nothing I could do about that bar build my own back to the future time machine. I tried and it didn’t work so plan B was to hire my own bookies runner (which I did in my older looking friend Sean – thanks Sean!).

Another major gripe that used to send me crazy was the appearance of the ‘Back To School’ posters that shot up in every shop window immediately after we broke up (Littlewoods being the main culprit). Talk about putting the mockers on our 6 weeks of freedom before we’d even broken up!

It was not all gripes in my schooling days however. One of the major highlights was the start of Wimbledon. When that started I knew that 6 weeks of freedom and mayhem was only around the corner, and I guess that’s how all the kids must be feeling right now – Lucky beggers!

My memories of long summer afternoon and evenings of lawn tennis on BBC2 watching McEnroe, Connors, then Becker and Lendl still give me a warm glow. It just couldn’t get any better! These days of course the absence of characters like the above have taken the shine off the tournament for me. Having said that, it still manages to float my boat and get me engrossed when I settle down to watch.

The major change betting wise is that we now have the exchanges and the ability to trade Tennis matches. Tennis is a huge trading sport, take a look at Betfair and you will see even the first round matches are hitting significant market liquidity. No market suspensions and scalping opportunities make it very appealing to the diligent trader.

If trading is not your thing however, you can always look out for ‘Giant Killings’. Whereby you look for a top 10 seed (men’s or women’s)  that have been beaten by an unseeded or a player outside the top 100 rankings. You can check on ATP rankings here:

Next you would look to Lay the giant killer in his/her next match while there head is still in the clouds from their big scalp.

It’s a great angle with a good win strike rate. Of course it doesn’t win every time, but the full Quick-fire Strategy for this method has a very good strike rate across all sports and by their very nature giant killings will always make the headlines and so be easy to spot.

To discover the full strategy and find out more about Quick-fire betting Profits Click here.

Here’s one below so far from Wimbledon.

Top 3 seed Wawrinka was beaten by the unseeded Russian Daniil Medvedev. Even though Wawrinka was carrying a knee injury that needed ice between points the Russians head will still be in the clouds from this win and so should be Layed in his next match. Below is his next match.

BTTS & ATD Combo Trial – Update!

We have decided to halt the current combo trial of using the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) & Against The Double (ATD) strategies together.

It’s clear from early testing that the early BTTS results in their current format are dragging down the profits gained from our other trial in Against The Double.

Therefore, we have decided to try a new angle for BTTS that will focus on BACKING the ‘NO’ outcome as opposed to the yes..

So from heron we are going to keep both tests separate and then readers can always opt to add them together if they so wish, or follow one or the other depending which one is more successful. Using both together is clouding the picture somewhat.

With both tests we will be aiming for 4pts from each (8pts combined) and then stop once that’s achieved.

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