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Can you imagine depositing £54,000 into your bank account only to be told you can’t withdraw it for 12 months even though it’s an instant access account! I think you may be a tad upset. 

Well add to that, how would you feel if the bank decided to issue a levy of 5% on that balance (£2,700) monthly until the balance reaches zero if the account remains inactive? By now I think you would be raging.  Permission to pull hair out!

Well you don’t have to imagine, this actually happened to one BET365 client, or should I say ex client.

Her balance on the account was frozen by the bookmaker after a series of successful bets and was then told she would be restricted to £1 bets. Furthermore if she wanted to avoid this monthly levy she would have to withdraw this hefty balance. Fair enough you may think? Only BET365 would not allow her to withdraw the balance back to her debit card, maybe I would imagine for security reasons. Now that’s what I call snookered and she therefore brought her complaint to Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)

Bet365 of course strongly refute this allegation and said the email regarding the 5% levy was sent in error –  Mmmm?  

I can’t understand why they wouldn’t let her do a bank transfer and the article tells me very little on that score as you can see below, of if you know more then do let me know as I’m at a loss.

Now as ever there may be more to this story than meets the eye. My hunch is they would ideally like the client in question to draw down that huge balance by playing one of the other ‘MUG’ games on their website such as virtual racing or slots rather than letting her withdraw– I will let you decide that one.

Bookies are quick enough to court publicity when someone wins big on one of their advertised multiples so why on earth have they made it hard for this client to withdraw (allegedly)? Nothing surprises me these days in today’s climate. 

Banks & Bookies – what’s your opinion? No swear words please despite the temptation!

Testing Pod Updates….

The Racing Informer:

Not a good week for the Racing Informer and the problem is he can have access to around 20 selections in any one day and has picked the wrong ones to send me so far. So as I don’t want it to be a high volume type approach I have asked him from hereon to just send me the highest strength ones. Therefore it will only be the 4pts Bets from Wednesday 10th May.

So do check in daily to see how these higher strength bets perform as only a few of these 4 pointers can throw us into profit, but as ever this test is advised in a watching only until otherwise advised. (Selection posted by 1.30pm daily):

Against The Double (Lay Strategy):

Still making good progress and I’m sure a progressive but sensible staking plan would work well with this considering the short losing runs. Maybe recovering 50% of previous losses ongoing would do the job and we have nearly 3 months of base results to work from.

Anyway it’s over 13 points in profit as I write and you can see the latest here;

That’s all for now and see you next week!