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It appears the gambling commission are reading my Betting Doctor newsletter!

A mammoth £7.8million pound fine was dished out to online gambling form 888sport for not looking after their customers welfare.

What’s that all about I hear you say? Well put simply a number of gamblers  wanted to self regulate themselves by  asking 888sport to bar access to their site because they had a problem and surprise surprise 888sport it appears never responded to that request. Now I wonder why?

They sure enough responded quickly to restricting my account when raking up some nice winners by obtaining value and always beating SP.

The whole matter stinks to high heaven and yet up to now they have been allowed to get away with it. Even this mammoth fine had little impact to 888sports share price. The shares actually rose on the day the record fine was announced. Just shows the resilience of these bookies whose large customer database they target daily with their ‘Lead you down the garden path’ offers.

On the same day it was also announced William Hill had seen a 13% increase in revenue from their online sports betting arm. Just goes to show what you can achieve when you weed out the winning punters consistently over the past 10 years. Surely this can’t go on – can it?

That’s why it’s most satisfying when you take money off them and even more satisfying when that money is banked risk free. A few years back when I was using my ‘risk free’ place lay strategy given in Quick-fire betting profits I banked over £4,000 from Paddy Power before they turned the taps off.

That was a sad day I can tell you, when you log in and go to place your stake and underneath you get ‘MAX BET EXCEEDED’ even when trying for stakes as little as £1 – I kid you not!

Paddy Power needn’t of worried as my account with them was only about £750 in profit at the end of the day simply because I lost around £3,250 with them as a result of backing plenty of losing ‘duff’ bets and Laying same bet off on Betfair at the closest match price. Therefore this £3,250 was NOT lost in real terms it was simply transferred over to my Betfair account as pure winnings as the Lay bets won with them. 

Doing this kept my Paddy Power account open a little longer but not long enough I’m afraid. My own fault as when I saw the risk free opportunities I ploughed on as much as I possibly could because from history I knew these things are short lived, but maybe with a bit of a calm head I may have kept them open longer. 

Although I banked 4k in profit overall the record so far from one chap who used this method was almost £7,000 before the money tap was switched off on him. So obviously he went under the radar a lot longer than I did.

The lesson to be learnt here? – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you no matter how tempting it is to clobber the old enemy!!

Testing Pod Update:

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – Football Test

Well the first week is over and I’m pleased to report a solid start with 3 break even days and two winning days and zero losing days giving us 2 points profit.

More importantly these break even days have protected the bank on days where we have failed to get a winner on the first of the two qualifying matches.

It’s got a solid feel about it so far so do check in daily here: