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No I’m not talking about betting bots, I’m talking about acting like a robot when it comes to betting and trading. In other words betting ‘without’ any emotion to make your profits.

It’s a cold hard approach that works for many, including many of my friends, and could easily work for you.

If you take the emotion out of your betting you’re sure to persevere when the ‘going gets tough’, as Billy Ocean’s famous hit of yesteryear once said!

This ‘cold hard approach’ of betting like a robot is only made possible if you follow a service or system where you have no input into the evaluation and form side of matters and where you just receive the advice or system selection to bet on.

For those that do make their money from daily form study then personal issues or even pressure on time can really cloud their judgement in picking winners which is not good when in many cases they are relying on this income to pay their bills.

Hence why many of the big professionals of yesteryear make a point of taking regular breaks usually when the sport they play is winding down for the season. In fact it’s essential they do so if they are to stay sharp and ahead of the game.

Books by the big professionals are full of stories when at times they hit rock bottom and so took a break and came back refreshed, especially if one of their major gambles went astray or they were suffering personal issues outside of betting.

Of course, if you follow a mechanical system or service you needn’t worry about the ups and downs of your mood swings, just follow the advice in robot like fashion. Although always wise to ensure the service provider is not going through a personal crisis as you don’t want to follow ill-judged selections!

You can normally pick up whether a tipster is going through a crisis by an ‘out of norm’ severe downturn that is carrying on longer than normal.

With mechanical systems with various ‘set in stone’ rules this is not a problem, and that in a nutshell is one of the main advantages of following these and therefore systems do have their place especially as part of a balanced portfolio mix.

Again the key word is ‘portfolio’ and not putting all your eggs in one basket and relying on one system or service. Also, when you find you are chasing your tail or things are just not going your way for a longer period than is normal then do Take A Break – You’d be a fool not to!