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It never ceases to amaze me why many punters/traders when they start a new service or strategy and hit a golden wave of early profits then decide to up their stakes??

Let’s break this down and see what’s going on here;

Every method or service would have an average strike rate – right?

If they hit a winning period then surely this winning strike rate is running above the norm? In which case why on earth would you increase your stakes?

It makes no logical sense whatsoever when you think it through.

The common sense approach would be to consider increasing stakes when you have hit just above your average losing run and NOT when coming off the back of a profitable period.

No service or strategy can keep up that gallop in that respect as pure mathematics would dictate a correction in strike rate DOWNWARDS is due. So next time you consider upping your stakes make sure it’s NOT on the back of a winning run.

Week 6 Review Updates…

Flat Racing Master:

This service is going through some major bad luck of late with many close calls but no cigar. Last week derived a loss of £128.50p with 1 win and 1 placed from 10 selections. So they are now further into the red. To see by how much click here:

 Pro Footy Tips:

A slight profit this week of £15 which takes a chip off the profits to date. Only a small chip mind but it’s a step in the right direction at least with 2 wins from 7 bets. See where they stand here; 

Testing Pod Update…

Our low risk small betting bank strategy centred around draws is now +23.70 points in profit.  As Bullseye host Jim Bowen used to say ‘smashing is that’. Only Jim would say look at what you could of won, whereas 23.70 points is what this method has actually racked up so far. So its’ going really well.

You will see the longest losing run has been just 2 days with 88th trade option in just under 10 weeks – how good is that!. So if any Betting Doctor readers have any ideas on alternative staking plans then do fire them over.

It has to be said I couldn’t have done it without the excellent work of my co developer Les Robson who I will continue to work with on future projects as he clearly knows his stuff when it comes to low risk strategies. Together we bang are heads daily and try and come up with profitable plans that only Betting Doctor readers will be privy to in early testing.

See more here:

Our early Horse Racing test never went as planned and a new angle will be starting tomorrow Thursday 16th on Area 1 of the testing pod, so don’t forget to check in on that. Remember, as this is a testing pod always observe first until fully confident about placing real stakes..