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In a previous newsletter I made reference to how some stars of stage and screen seem to age very, very slowly.

Back then I was talking about Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley. OK – make up and clever camera angles can work wonders, but even so some stars seem to delay or ‘pause’ the aging process.

Another one who seems to go on and on is Brucie ‘Nice to see you, to see you nice!’ Forsyth.

After watching a documentary on the former Strictly host, it seems his longevity is not all down to his constitution and luck. Brucie’s youthfulness and agility has been helped in no small part due to his morning exercise ritual called the ‘Tibetan 5 Ts’. Having a wife a wee bit younger probably didn’t hurt either…

I’ve followed Brucie’s lead in one area (though not in the young wife department) in undertaking some Tibetan 5 T exercises. You can watch an example of it below if you wish, as demonstrated by a Cheryl Cole lookalike.

Although it may look like a fairly easy and gentle series of routines, they turn out be pretty exhausting – as I soon realised.

And they soon got harder, with another two reps added each week until I hit a maximum of 21 repetitions of the five-step process. It was hard at first – but then again, isn’t everything?

Trading and betting is no different in that we are constantly trying to learn new angles and looking for small edges that will keep us ahead of the crowd.

One of which is players/teams who have passed their season peak, whereby we look to Lay them at short prices. I touched on this a few months back in relation to horse racing.

You can get full access to this ‘Off Peak’ method and many more profitable strategies in my brand new ‘Quick-Fire Betting Profits’ package available soon!

I’m off now to research and develop along with my fellow Betting Doctor scientists the eternal youth gene pill. Just imagine the Nectar points you‘d get for that purchase when it goes on sale down your local Sainsbury’s!

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