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Don’t you just love the bookies PR machine? They always ‘big up’ Acca wins especially from those that win from small stakes. Now I wonder why?

How is it they never widely publicise huge wins from Win singles. Eg. Man wins £1 million from a £100k on a 10/1 shot?. Well maybe because 1). It’s not a mugs bet and 2) you would never be allowed to get this amount on unless you burn some shoe leather running around London hitting every betting shop for six.

Not wishing to be pedantic but the bet was actually for a total of £2.00 not 20p but Bookies just love to milk this form of free advertising.

The winning betting slip below…

The winner is a retired accountant and lifelong racing fan, who wishes to remain unnamed, put on £2 worth of 10p each way accumulators, spread over seven horses in Lingfield, Doncaster and Newbury.

“I checked a couple of the early results on my tablet, but after seeing one of them had lost, I thought I might have only been on for a couple of places,” said the big winner about his gambling heroics.

So I didn’t bother to see how the rest of the horses had got on.

The next thing I knew, someone from Ladbrokes was phoning me to congratulate me for winning nearly half a million quid and to ask how I’d like the money. I had no idea what he was talking about!”

Now that’s a phone call I wouldn’t mind receiving! Would make a change from the usual’ ‘Do I want to save millions on my heating bill!”

The Trial Verdict for Flat Racing Master & Pro Footy Tips

Both conclusions are now posted in the Betting Doctor Review area. I think one of the trial verdicts is not what you are going to expect so check in to see which one I am talking about here..

Pro Footy Tips:

Flat Racing Master Tips:

New reviews starting next week!

Testing Pod Update – Horse racing?

Going really well so far with very few losing days and long winning runs for the ‘Against The Double’ lay selections. Could the strategy filters have hit on a potential low risk gold mine for the future? Only one way to find out. Follow them here daily….