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It’s amazing what you can learn in life from just mere observation of what’s going on around you? 

I’m always suspicious when people suddenly act out of character. For example; A publican nearby me is well known to be so tight he could peel an orange in his pocket without you ever knowing. 

He would never budge on prices or host special offers, or even treat his loyal customers to a Christmas drink. Leads many to ask why drink there then? Well to his credit he keeps the best beer in town so manages to retain his customer base, for now! 

Then low and behold one night I observed him giving free shots of Baby Guinness’s (Tia Maria & Baileys) to his customers along with a complimentary basket of cocktail sausages on sticks for each table. 

I was left puzzled by this apparent burst of generosity until one of the hardened regulars told me a pub a mile away was having a one million refurb and was due to re-open its doors very soon. There’s me thinking he suddenly evolved into a man of great generosity overnight – hardly! 

The same can be said of many ‘in-play’ Betfair markets where certain betting patterns can seem odd and out of character with what is actually happening ‘live’ in any given event. 

By simply watching where and when large influxes of money appear in any given event, can reveal a lot of what may be going on behind the scenes if you catch my drift?

Can we shadow this money to profit?

After a subtle hint from a Football Professional friend in early 2013, I was advised to scan through lower league matches from the Betfair ‘in-play’ market whenever I got the chance.

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