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It has been a poor week for one of the services under trial – but it is still very early days. No need for any knee-jerk reactions as matters can quickly turnaround.

Too many punters have dismissed services too early on only to regret it later when an enormous upswing appears. That’s gambling in a nutshell.

If you invest in shares do you expect them to rise week on week? I would say not, so why should gambling be any different?

In fact, hit on the right service and it can beat share investments hands down, simply because they don’t lend themselves to the complexities of the stock market and investor sentiment.

Tipster services normally have one person behind them who is in complete control. That’s the key word: ‘control’, Service providers control their own destiny and are unaffected by outside influences unlike the stock market.

Anyway, head over to the review section to see last week’s results. And also make sure you take a look at the services that have recently passed – with flying colours.

So click here now to see how Low Hanging Profits and Fantastic Eights are getting on.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a golf ball!

It certainly looks like one gambling golfer wasn’t happy when with the horse he Backed as he played adjacent to Sandown racecourse!


Not really… as no golfing is allowed on race days for obvious reasons. Although a golf ball did hit jockey Charlie Bennett’s helmet and flash pass Kieren Fox’s face it was in actual fact caused by the eventual winner Lachie’s hoof flicking it up in running.

Joking aside it could have done some nasty damage. Glad to say all involved came out unscathed.

Reminds me – I must check my insurance policy for windscreen damage caused by flying golf balls.