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Another strange old week for me where anything and everything went on the blink.

First more leaks, then the fridge decided to have a mood again. Not wishing to be outdone, the washing machine decided to team up with the fridge and gang up on us by staying on a wash cycle forever. By the time we noticed my jeans had already shrunk so they were too small for an action man figure! 

It’s times like this we look to our comforters and for me it’s of course horse racing, football and – last weekend – golf with the Ryder Cup. Gee, them Yanks sure were rowdy. Well, rowdier than usual that is!

They really stoked up Rory Mcllroy. At one stage I thought he was going to bust a blood vessel with a celebration that would have seen Premier League players telling him to calm down.

Then we had the Arc where prolific Irish Flat training genius Aidan O’Brien had the first three home. Did anyone have the tri-cast? If so, what island are you planning to buy with your winnings? 

Listening to enthusiastic TV sports personalities that can raise interest in even the most apathetic of viewers went some way to cheering me up after Europe’s defeat in the golf.

One such personality is At The Races reporter Matt Chapman, and that’s why I was chuffed to see Matt land a top job on ITV’s new racing programme as main betting reporter.

If there’s anyone that can bring enthusiasm to the job then slick-haired Matt is the man.

His co-presenters will be Sky Sports and ex Ladbrokes employee Ed Chamberlain, and also Francesca Cumani, the daughter of Newmarket trainer Luca. 

The show starts in January and let’s hope this team can bring a much needed injection of excitement and attract new blood into horse racing, both new owners and interested punters.

Duck in and out the markets for some quick fire profits!

I often get asked if I have any quick fire angles where those with busy lives can just duck in and out for some rapid betting profits.

Well the good news is…

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Maybe you have more time after work and in the evenings, or perhaps Saturday afternoons are free? Either way this new service could be right up your street. And as a valued Betting Doctor reader I will have a very special offer open to you. 

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Trial conclusions

Wow… what a profitable combo. Bookies be warned!

The trial conclusions of each of the three services trialled over the past 10 weeks are now up on the review blog. They prove bookies can be hammered if choosing the right combo of services.

Even using them on exchanges and Betfair Sportsbook proved feasible for those of us like me who have been given the Spanish elbow from most online bookies.

Find out which service:

  • Made almost £700 in one day to £10 Stakes and you can try it for just £1!
  • Made £472.50 even using Betfair Sportsbook!
  • Another that made £406.50 from just 2-3 bets per week! 

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