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What a great film Groundhog Day is – and one of my favourites, even if I occasionally feel as frustrated as Bill Murray’s lead character when developing betting strategies for profit.

We all know how it goes: your month is going splendidly and results are in line with expectations then before you know it you’re back to square one. However unlike in Groundhog day my LED alarm clock wakes me up to the news instead of ‘I Got You Babe’ by Sonny and Cher.

As I said, this groundhog day feeling can come on with many of the new theories I’m testing. At least I’m testing them in a ‘live’ environment and, truth be told, live testing is the only way to find out whether your new theory has longevity.

Why? Well, the markets can be funny places full of fluctuations with manipulators at work and – dare I say it – something iffy going on… say no more!

Also, the ever-increasing presence of betting bots (where a bet is placed automatically by a robot) also makes it difficult for manual traders to get matched at the prices requested. Bots are often quicker on the draw.

Therefore, whatever you are working on has to be tested and shown to work live these days, as simply looking back on past results using industry or Betfair SP can be very misleading.

An area to profit from more and more, and where selectivity and live testing can pay great dividends, is that of ‘doubles’ in certain markets. I touched on this a few weeks back.

With doubles we can simply ‘Bet & Go’, with no need to enter the in-play markets to see if we ‘can’ or ‘can’t’ get matched, meaning we can avoid the craziness that sometimes prevails when market manipulators and bots are at work.

You can get full access to this excellent Doubles method and many more profitable strategies in my brand new ‘Quick-Fire Betting Profits’ package available soon!

Right that’s me done. I’m off now to re-tune my alarm clock so I wake to something – anything – more inspirational than hearing the latest in the life and times of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeremy Corbyn!

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