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Remember a few weeks back when I said humans always seem to live up to what’s expected of them and how we can profit by bringing into a play a psychological aspect to our betting evaluation?

Well it seems Tottenham have fallen foul to this with all and sundry saying there is a curse on playing their home matches at their temporary home. They have yet to win there in the last 11 matches in all competitions even though this season they have only lost one and drawn one in the premiership. However this matters little, as once a team gets labelled with a certain tag it can be very hard to shift.

Headlines like this below from the Evening Standard don’t help;

“The pitch, the tactics, or a curse… what is causing Tottenham’s Wembley woes?”

Put simply, they can start living up to what the press and others are saying about them!

We as punters can turn this to our advantage in many ways. One way is playing along with it in order to profit.

In this case it would mean once the Tottenham Wembley curse hit the headlines (as above) lay them to lose until they break that curse. Obviously we won’t encounter this particular scenario very often, but I think you get the gist.

You could perhaps listen out for teams that are playing their long time ‘Bogey team’. I think every team has one of those.

Even if your team is riding high more often than not when they meet their bogey team they fail to perform. Why?

Well don’t ask me, that’s one for Freud or Pavlov or maybe delve into the world of sport psychology. An excellent read is a book called ‘The Best Tennis Of Your Life’ by Jeff Greenwald where he delves into the mind of Tennis players and why they respond the way they do to certain results. Books of this nature are an excellent ‘edge gainer’ to help improve your betting profits. They will steer you on how to spot key indicators to look out for from player and team sports.

You can start simply by googling ‘bogeys teams for English premiership sides’, then simply lay the team that are playing their bogey team. Obviously patterns are there to be broken but this may prove profitable long term as it’s not just football it can be used on. Single player sports have their bogey opponents and so this could bring enough action to profit and keep your interest. I will keep you posted.

Testing Pod Update:

BTTS (Football):

An eagled eyed follower of this trial spotted the potential this one could have when used with the 9 Step Fibonacci sequence, and he may have a valid point.

So far the longest losing run has been just 4 with an average price to back normally above the 2.30 mark.

Therefore I may also record results using Fibonacci staking as well as the current 2 step recovery method. I will start this next Wednesday 13th Sept.

On the results front, it’s back into slight positive territory but clearly it’s been like pulling teeth (although at least we’re in profit and more importantly not making losses). Most services and/or methods make losses after a poor period but this one isn’t. So I think giving it a go with the Fibonacci sequence warrants further investigation to see how it goes.

Thanks to Betting Doctor reader John for highlighting this to me. Sometimes you can get caught up with these things and are unable to see the wood from the trees when you are in the thick of it.

Check in here daily;