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PLUS: Not long now – the Guinness trucks are moving in

PLUS: Week 6 – Racing Consultants results update

Unless you have been locked in a cellar for the past few months (preferably one with a few bottles of single malt at your disposal), you will no doubt be aware of the up and coming EU referendum on a potential Brexit.

First off, I will put my neck on the line and say here and now there is NO hope whatsoever of the OUT camp winning. Why? Well simply because big industry and self-interest will drive the IN vote firmly over the line.

Let me explain…

Take the giant car manufacturer Toyota, for example, who have put their weight behind the IN campaign: Toyota employ thousands between their plants in both Derbyshire and North Wales. Add to this that suppliers, shops around the surrounding area all rely on the swirl of money brought into their local economy by the car-maker.

What does this mean? Well, if these workers get even the slightest hint their livelihoods could be in jeopardy, they will err on the side of caution and vote accordingly. That’s not to say Toyota would leave if there was a Brexit, but that does not matter when it comes to the fear of losing your livelihood.

The Prime Minister is also doing his rounds – visiting big businesses and recently stopping off at the communications giant O2 in Slough, where they too officially back the IN vote.

Again, the fear that their jobs may head to Paris or elsewhere in the Eurozone will drive their vote. More and more businesses are putting their weight behind the IN side as we speak, and this contagion will spread countrywide by the time of the vote in June – that’s for sure.

Not that I’m a fan of this giant undemocratic beast (to me it is just another name for the Federal Republic of Germany). However, as they say, it’s always better to influence from the inside and shape what you want: in other words, it’s better to have your binoculars trained on your enemy than to lose sight of them.

What’s all this got to do with betting? Well let’s look at the current prices from Paddy Power…
It’s clear which way Paddy Power thinks the vote is going to go. Bookies are never far from the mark when it comes to such markets and that’s reflected in the price.

Now let’s look at Betfair prices:

So how can we profit?

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Not long now…

Less than two weeks now before Cheltenham begins and the market is starting to settle down now in terms of which horses go for which races. Annie Power now goes for the Champion Hurdle and is installed as market leader at 7/4. Although my mind is firmly focussed on two others at better prices who are a knocking each way bets and a 14/1 shot for the Triumph Hurdle that’s looking more appealing by the day, so much so I’m strongly considering upping my bet!

Watch out for details on how you can get hold of my hot Cheltenham selections very soon… Let’s hope we can start as we left off, with my successful advice on Cue Card for the King George.   

Week 6 – Racing Consultants results update

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