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Don’t ask me what it is but sometimes I get an overwhelming urge to back a certain outcome to an event with no rhyme or reason or logic behind why I fancy the outcome.

Last Saturday’s FA Cup final was a classic example where I had an overwhelming urge to Back Arsenal and in 90 minutes to win! With Chelsea crowned premiership champions I could fully see why they were 5/6 favourites but that mattered little to me. I wanted to back Arsenal at all costs.

I also had the same urge to back Aberdeen to beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup. Ok, so that one never materialised but when Aberdeen went 1-0 up I managed to trade out for a nice profit. Simply because my hunch was that if Aberdeen were to win it was going to be from a late winner, so when they took the lead early on I decided to get out of the trade, as I knew defending 1-0 lead for nigh on 81 minutes was a big ask against a team like Celtic.

I really do get puzzled when I get these irrational urges to back a certain team or horse as more often than not they come in! I know because I’ve recorded every one at various intervals over my betting career.

Possible explanations?

Maybe subconsciously I’m picking up on certain facts that I’m constantly bombarded with throughout the build up? For example; with the FA Cup did my mind pick up on the fact that Arsenal have actually won their last 6 matches at Wembley, and the last time Chelsea lost in an FA cup final was against Arsenal in 2002?

I never consciously researched or looked for these pre-match stats but I was looking into possible reasons why my mind gave me this strong overwhelming compulsion to back the reds come the day without me having even looked at the match in great detail.

Who knows what the sub conscious mind can pick up on without you ever knowing? Just look at subliminal advertising prevalent in cinema ads many years ago? No wonder they banned them if they are this powerful. So that may be the single best explanation I can muster at this point. Although I would really like to think it was some higher force out there directing me to all the winners – if only!

Derby Hunches?

Now for me a cracking bet for the 238th running of the Epsom Derby on Saturday has to be ‘Cliffs Of Moher’ at a best price 4/1 that provides a knocking each-way bet. This is not so much a hunch bet, it’s more based on form. If you take a look at the credentials of the Aidan O Brien runner with Ryan Moore expected to be on board is solid enough for me.

Although don’t let me put you off any strong hunches you have! It’s a great weekend of top class Flat racing and not to be missed.

You can see my full article on ‘Should We Follow Our Hunches’ here’

Testing Pod Updates….

The Racing Informer:

Myself and the Racing Informer have decided to call time on this one, not solely due to results, as although 50pts down when you divide the 50pts loss by 4pts (which is the unit bet advised) then it’s roughly -12 – 15pts down.

The reason is mainly because the Informer can be placing as many as 20 bets per day. I then asked him to only send me the highest strength ones which he did starting on 9th May. The trouble is when doing this we can miss many winners and at good prices. For example, the 4pts ones he sent the other day all lost whereas his other 1 and 2pts advices all won giving an overall profit on the day.

Therefore I’m not sure it’s viable to be placing on here as many as 20 bets per day as feedback has shown Testing Pod readers are more after low risk angles with a few bets daily rather than high volume type approaches. I will however be looking to test bigger priced services to give an overall balanced portfolio very soon.

Against The Double (Lay Strategy):

We are a nats whisker off 20pts profit for this one despite having a double loss over the last week so proving very solid so far.

Check on progress here daily here:

That’s all for now and see you next week!