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I don’t know about you but I am constantly bombarded with emails inviting me to subscribe to NFL, College Football, NBA and all manner of American sports.

The other day I had SEVEN approaches from the same vendor!

One even said they hadn’t had a loser in 2016 – what a record!

Now either they are Backing at a price of 1.01 (even then it would be hard to get a 100% record Backing nearly every day of the week) or they are adopting a huge loss recovery process. And that would require Backing at short prices and stopping at a winner.

Either way, a large bank would be needed… as well as some extraordinary luck to go on such a long winning run.

Maybe they have indeed found the Holy Grail? My guess, however, is they haven’t.

Any service that resorts to blindly spamming potential clients is out for a fast buck and therefore relying on a continual influx of new blood to sell their services. Just my opinion of course, as who am I to judge?

There’s nothing I would like better than to be proved wrong, as any service that carves out an edge deserves my full respect.

If you have any experiences of such services and are willing to share them with fellow Betting Doctor readers then please give me a shout, whether good or bad.

I may even approach one of these services to see if they would let me trial their picks. In doing so, though, I’m slightly worried my inbox will subsequently explode with squillions of emails from their associates… and that’s just in one day!

Many of the services I have reviewed so far will be looked at again a year from review to see how they are getting on.

That also applies to the ones that failed or got a neutral rating as we may have intercepted their service at a difficult period… and that happens to the best of us.

In short, apply fairness to all trials in order to get an accurate reflection of what followers can expect in the long term.

With that in mind, let’s look at how our two Betting Doctor trials are going…

Trials update… the halfway point…

One service actually picked Hillary Clinton to win the US Presidency. How brave were they?!

After the EU Referendum, I wouldn’t have touched backing her to win as the margin of error for polls has caught quite a few out this year.

Scalping the market for a few pips based on poll swings would have been the only way to operate in this market.

But more importantly, how did our two services on trial get on last week?

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