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I thought we had it in the bag with our Derby tip ‘Cliff Of Moher’ on Saturday with a perfectly timed run only to see the tank dry up a furlong out which was always the danger. Still we shaved a small edge with the place terms on Betfair. One horse to take from the race apart from the winner is ‘Eminent’ who met trouble in running and it would have been good to see how the race unfolded if he got daylight earlier.

Bookies PR machine at it again….

Again the bookies are out courting publicity with a big win on one of their ‘Mug’ Acca bets, in this case Corals who have reported it as the biggest online win from an Accumulator.  It was no mug bet for this punter of course but when you read the story you will see he played Accas for the past 20 years with no real luck. When you multiply that by the hundreds of thousands that play these bets every week you can see how much of a cash cow they are for bookies.

Still I’m sure this punter has made a clear a profit over stakes invested!

It’s strange how you never hear them say “Punter wins £100K from a £100K win single bet at Evens? Maybe because they wouldn’t be able to get the bet on for a start! Unless they are one of their high profile serial losing clients who they treat to hospitality days all over the world for losing so much.

Bookies simply don’t want the publicity surrounding the Win Single or Each-Way bet simply because they have the slimmest profit margins and therefore we have to take heed on what bets we should be using if we are serious about winning.

You can read the full article here

Testing Pod Updates….

Against The Double (Lay Strategy)

A tricky period last week that knocked us down a peg but still well in profit for such a simple daily bet procedure.

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