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Some sayings really drive me bonkers.

“If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again,” for example.

I mean, how long do those who coin these phrases think we’ve got to live? Surely life’s too short to keep trying again, again, again, again, again and…?

I’ve probably been a little dramatic with the subject heading of this email, as what I really mean is life is too short to keep banging away on the same old drum in the same old way but hoping for a different result. Sure, by all means keep banging away – but change tools if you’re using a hammer and you find it doesn’t quite work as well as a drumstick.

If you’re working at developing your own trading strategies and find you keep on hitting a dead end then… find out why.

Are you in the right markets? Has the value in that market eroded over time? Is your staking right for the approach? Is your entry time into the market correct?

Some punters are wasting serious amounts of precious time in trying to flog a dead horse when this same effort should be driven into exploring new markets right for plundering. Or, alternatively, investigating possible minor tweaks to turn a losing strategy into a winning one.

A fortnight ago I touched on a multiple strategy where we include ‘2’ short-ish priced selections and back them in a double. Well, one reader named Stefan told me he worked along similar principles and his chosen arena is backing Under 2.5 goals in Doubles.

He said although he made a slight edge, he found it hard to really build his betting bank consistently enough to reinvest winnings and compound his gains over. A case of one step forward two steps back.

After reading my article he decided to focus his bets using the 10 lowest scoring leagues worldwide that I advised in order to improve the winning hit rate. This worked, and already he has seen an upturn in strike rate – and all from adding one more filter.

Stefan said: “It may seem obvious that I should have thought of researching low scoring leagues first before placing my own win doubles but sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees when you are in the thick of it day in day out.

“And so I just focused on playing the numbers and backed all odds on qualifiers. It really does pay to take a step back and look at how you could approach things differently.

“Your advice on using low scoring leagues added another piece of the jigsaw for me. Once I have perfected my staking plan I’m sure to have a nice viable strategy for long term profits.”

So there you have it. Every now and then take a step back and re-evaluate and maybe look at what you are doing through the eyes of someone who has never seen your strategy before.

Research and read all you can about the sport and betting medium you are interested in. And then look into the market at differing times in-play to see if delaying your entry time would reduce liabilities or increase winnings without impacting too negatively on your win strike rate.

My colleague Clive Keeling’s excellent Delay React Trade technique aims for just such correct market timing to ensure lower liabilities and bumper pay day profits when they come in. Take advantage of a 30 day, risk-free trial of his service for just £1 right now!

All of this early groundwork will pay off long term and improve your returns and reduce losing runs.

Fancy Leicester for the drop?

It was around this time last season that many loyal Leicester City fans managed to grab 5000/1 about their team winning the Premier League.

How mad were they…? Not!

As we now know, dreams can come true – proving anything in gambling can happen, albeit on the rare occasion.

Anyway, it is clear those that backed at that price were indeed Leicester fans placing their annual small stakes, loyalty bet. Of course, the major liabilities for bookies were the bets placed for larger stakes at prices of 100/1 when Leicester were still going strong mid-season.

No one believed it could carry on…

No such pre-season price this term with a general 33/1 for them to take the crown before the first ball was kicked just under a fortnight ago. It is now a general 66/1 on offer.

Out of interest I did look to see what price they were to be relegated, thinking it would be around the 66/1 mark. Lo and behold I was surprised to see a price as low as 12/1 for the drop.

More of an insult than anything else I would have thought for a team that won the league by 10 points…

In just one full season Leicester now have a price much lower to be relegated at 12/1 than they have of replicating that huge feat of last year.

Goes to show once again, football really is a funny old game.

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