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How come the second cup of tea is never the same as the first? Strange but always seems to be true.

I think the more you deprive yourself of something you enjoy, the better you enjoy it when you do get to have it.

On the flip side, have too much of it and your taste buds suffer from the law of diminishing returns. A case of ‘less is more’.  

I’ve had many emails over the years from bewildered bettors, and one I received recently really stood out.

It was from a chap who fully admitted to joining and purchasing no less than 12 systems/services in a short space of time, in order to operate his planned portfolio.

He told me he used to be bombarded day in day out with offers – in some cases several from the same vendor and on the same day!

Subsequently he told me he was getting into all sorts of mess with his betting banks and record keeping when trying to follow them all.

It got to the stage where he scrapped keeping individual records and just followed them all daily. This was a big mistake, as he soon lost track of his strongest and weakest performers, which is crucial if you are to keep your betting portfolio in top gear.

I do feel for him: at one stage I was in the same boat, trying to run too many of my methods at the same time.

It just gets too messy, unless you want to spend all day record keeping and setting reminders for each bet advised. Even then you can miss a few in the scramble to meet race deadlines.

I’m all for having a diverse portfolio of about five or six methods at most. Any higher and you are in danger of spreading your net a bit to thinly, to the point where it becomes unmanageable: that will only lead to frustration.

If the above rings any bells with you, then it’s about time you started streamlining your betting operation down and putting your efforts and betting bank behind your top three performers, then closely monitoring their performance.

Obviously your turnover will be reduced than if running a dozen or so services/systems, however your return on investment should rise if done correctly.

For operating an effective portfolio approach, I would suggest a minimum of three systems/services with a differing dynamic, and no more than six in your portfolio at any one time.

Maybe one method operating around lower-priced horses and a fairly high strike-rate; another that operates at the high end of the price market from 5/1+; then maybe one with a mixture of both of the above criteria.

If it’s a service, then make sure it has proven track records going back at least 12 months and from trusted vendors.

If it’s a system, then simply look for those that have been highly reviewed and have been around a long time. If they have stood the test of time then there must be a reason for the longevity.

There is, in fact, a simple step-by-step process you need to adhere to if you want to make profits from your betting that all good professionals started with.

Here are some guidelines…

1) What area of betting most interests you?

2) What is you attitude to risk? Low, medium or high?

3) How much time do you have daily to place your bets?

4) Do you want high-strike-rate methods/services with smaller consistent gains; or low-strike-rate methods/services with bigger profits long-term?

I’ve devised a simple 60 second quiz here that will help determine what sort of betting character you are – and products that will provide a good platform for you to start building a profitable portfolio based on your answers.

They don’t have to be my products, of course. You simply do your own first-hand research, based on the above criteria and look for sports and services/systems with strike rates that suit your risk appetite.

For example, a good service to start with is THE EACH- WAY king service. Despite the normal ups and downs, this service has averaged £278 profit per month to £10 stakes. Even if we only get half the advised prices, we are still averaging £139 per month, which is pretty decent in my book!

You can view more about the service by clicking here

So that’s a good place to start in regards to services that deliver selections via email the night before.

Then you may wish to gradually introduce a mechanical system into your portfolio.

The idea behind using a portfolio approach is ensure we always get at least one strategy performing well to carry those that aren’t.

Then when all products are firing on all cylinders, you really can get some major bank growth over a short period of time.

Portfolio betting has many great advantages if it has all the right components. If you build it with enough diversity, it’s very rare to have all of them performing badly at the same time. If that does happen then the good periods should compensate for such rare occurrences.

Any question? Feel free to drop me a line.

New trial alert! Football Advisor

This week I begin a trial of a football selection service called Football Advisor. The service has claimed +371.40 points in 2014 with only two losing months.

It has claimed an average strike rate of 40% and also made over £5,000 profit to £20 stakes over the 2014 World Cup. With profits figures like that and average profits of 30+ points per month, I just had to give this service a trial!

Mechanics of service…

The daily selections are given out with a strength rating of between 0.5 and 3 points (max bet), and with the odd accumulator. On rare occasions they may stake higher and will make that very clear.

They recommend a 150-point betting bank for the main service and an optional 50 points for ante post advices. All selections are posted in the members’ area and you will receive a daily email outlining when they have been posted.

They cannot guarantee the timely delivery of emails so they do advise to check the website at the times indicated.

On the majority of occasions, new selection posts and emails will come in the morning around 8.00 a.m.

They have three membership packages and two of them come with a free seven-day trial.

They have a free banker bet service that runs alongside the main service: this has turned a £300 bank into over £2,850 with 44 bets in just over one month. Looking at early selections for the banker bets I have no reason to disbelieve their claims. The banker bets service also has a very interesting staking plan to make this possible.

Initial thoughts…

Obtaining the daily selections is easy enough and all enquiries so far have been answered by the vendor who has been more than helpful.

If the profits figures claimed can be replicated then it’s a must for anyone’s portfolio, especially if you’re into your football betting.

I have no reason to disbelieve any of the profit figures published, as every selection advised so far has been accurately recorded on the webpage.

As I write for November, the profit figure stands at an excellent £451 using stakes ranging from £10 to £30 max.

This could well be a service for the portfolio – watch this space!

First week’s results

A small edge this week of +1.65, so lets see can it build on this next week.

Monday 23rd November – No selections.

Tuesday 24th

2 Pt Bets
Chelsea -1.5 at 2.08 – WON +2.16 

1 Pt Bets
Arsenal -2 at 1.98 – WON +0.98

0.5 Pts Bet
Chelsea HT/FT at 2.00 – WON +0.50

3 Pt Bets
Accumulator (Double)
Arsenal (1.21) & Chelsea (1.38) – WON +3.06

Wednesday 25th

1 Pt Bets
Benfica win at 1.85 – LOST -1
PSG win and BTTS at 3.00 – LOST -1

Draw Juventus / Man City at 3.5 – LOST -1

Thursday 26th

3 Pt Bets
Liverpool to win -1 at 1.80 – LOST -3.00
1.5 Pt Bets
Ajax win at 2.80 – WON +2.70

1 Pt Bets
Lazio win at 1.80 – WON +0.80
Augsburg DNB at 2.00 – LOST -1.00

0.5 Pt Bets
Ajax -1.5 at 5.50 – LOST -0.50

1 Pt Win  Liverpool (1.53) & Marseille (1.22) & Ajax (2.90) – WON +4.41

Friday 27th – No selections

Saturday 28th 

3 Pt Bets
Birmingham Win @ 5.50 – LOST -3.00

1.5 Pt Bets
Birmingham +0.5 @2.15 – LOST -1.00

1Pt Bets
Middlesbrough Win @2.10 – WON +1.10
Man Utd Win @2.40 – LOST -1.00
Everton Win @2.50 – LOST -1.00
Aston Villa @2.75 – LOST -1.00

0.5 Pt Bets
Accumulator – LOST -0.50

Sunday 29th

3 Pt Bets
Liverpool -1.5 at 2.2 – LOST -3.00

1.5 Pt Bets
Real Madrid -1.5 at 2.05 – WON +1.05
Sevilla win at 1.83 – WON +1.24
Verona win at 2.88 – LOST -1.50

1 Pt Bets
Athletic Bilbao win at 2.4 – WON +1.40
Getafe +0 at 2.15 – WON +1.15
Juventus -1 at 2.1 – WON +1.10

0.5 Pt Bets
Liverpool -2.5 at 4.00 – LOST -0.5

Monday 30th – No selections

Football Advisor P/L account

Bets: 28
Wins: 13
Strike rate: 46.42%

Weekly P/L = +1.65
Overall trial P/L = +1.65

Until next time!