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I’m a great believer in specialisation when it comes to making betting profits.

The trouble is we can’t be all things to all men and realistically one can only specialise in a handful of niche areas and learn as much as we can about them. Attempting to specialise in many areas across many sports is not really specialising by the very definition.

That’s where seeking the advice of others who do specialise in niche areas can help enormously whether they bet on them or not.

Here’s a classic example.

As you know it was the US Masters over the weekend and I do like a bet in this tournament even though I’m not big into golf betting. Therefore I do look to seek the advice of those who live and breathe the sport.

That’s where my neighbour comes in, who at one stage went professional in his early days. Now being a former high-level player doesn’t necessarily mean he is a great tipper of the sport. Jockeys been a case in point, most are absolutely hopeless tipsters.

However my neighbour has proved a good judge in the past and can usually pick the winner from a handful who are up there on the final day even though he never bets!

How psychology can give you an edge

In fact, on this occasion, it was his wife (a psychologist) who gave me the confidence to have a double plunge on the eventual Master winner Sergio Garcia. She is excellent at reading players in-play behaviour as proven in the past with her tip offs.

So after a brief chat over the garden fence she advised me that of those up there on the leader board Sergio Garcia was showing the signs of a classic winner. Her reasoning was simply because ‘he is in a good place at the minute’ having just got engaged. Let’s face it, look what happens at the other end of the spectrum when it all goes wrong for players? Tiger Woods is a case in point. He hasn’t been the same player since his scandals.

As it happens I already had a few quid on Sergio at this stage and when my neighbour rubber stamped that for me by observing ‘he was most certainly in a good place’ I immediately had a few more quid more on at 6/1 and sat back and enjoyed the ups and downs of the final day.

It just goes to show the importance of bringing into play the psychological aspect to form evaluations. It helps give you a further edge and of course VALUE!

On that note, the psychological aspect is an added dimension I deploy throughout my Quick Fire betting course and will continue to do so as its dynamite when you know the key indicators on what to look out for.

It would be great if there was a site where we could find out about the personal life of these players, maybe a happy index rating? Then again I think the privacy laws may have something to say about that.

Our only option therefore is to rely on newspaper and TV reports, or better still interviews from the players themselves. Watching their in-play actions can also help give us some direction for profit.

So next time you’re watching a tournament, try and see beyond the bare form and look a little deeper into the players backgrounds, especially those who are up there on the final day. You will be surprised at what you may find and the extra value edge to be gained.

New Testing Pod Trial…

My new Testing Pod trial will start tomorrow Thursday 15th April and is of differing nature to that of my successful Quick-On-The Draw test.

These will be selections from an agent I know who works on behalf of professional gamblers.

You can see from the screenshot that he makes very good money. He travels all over the UK placing money in betting offices, he has to travel because bookmakers don’t like winners!

These are very nice figures by any stretch of the imagination although he admits all this money is not his own and part has to be passed onto those he places the wagers for.

I will pass on the horses with an advised point wager, you can paper trade them or follow them to small stakes until you feel confident with the selections.

The points will range from 0.5pt to a Max 3pt bet.  Results will be recorded to the advised price at the time of posting. These prices will be available in 3 high street bookmakers but you find better odds using your online accounts and of course you’ll also be assured of BEST ODDS GUARANTEED.

So check on this daily to see how it pans out, starting tomorrow!