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  • Hidden Treasure in Your Loft – Part 1

Recently I undertook a long-overdue clear out of both my office and loft. It wasn’t a planned mass-clearout but when I started I just couldn’t stop and carried on well into the evening. 

The junk I came across was truly amazing: boxes containing scrapbooks, stamps collections (with an unused Penny Black – I wish!), old comics and board games (including Mousetrap, Frustration, and Operation [the mad doctors game]). 

Then I found several boxes containing huge quantities of racing papers, including years of the quality midweek publication Racing & Football Outlook. Who needs loft insulation when you have all this printed matter to keep the heat in? 

Anyway, among the boxes was one full of old horse racing and football systems I had collected. 

Some I had bought and some I devised myself – most of which were short-lived methods, but I kept them anyway. (Yes, I’m a serial hoarder!) 

However, I did find a couple of interesting gold nuggets amongst all the tat: one a method for horse racing and the other for football. Even more interesting was the fact I had stapled pages from an old exercise book showing my profit/loss account for each method. In other words, I had recorded every bet, so I must have been serious! 

To my surprise both showed profits despite the 10% betting tax imposed in those days, which led me to question why on earth I stopped following them. 

I can only think I moved onto something else that proved more profitable at the time. 

Nonetheless I should have kept them going, as with the advent of Betfair and the better prices on offer, surely these methods could have been made even more profitable?

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