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Controversial title I know but here’s an interesting angle brought to me by one of my trader mates last year in regards to the Tennis markets. Particularly matches in the lower ranks.

As you know there has been a “TSUNAMI” of match-fixing claims in what they call ‘non-elite’ tennis matches according to a report released recently.

Apparently, the report sites the problem being players at the lower ranks not earning enough to cover tour costs and thus provide a “fertile breeding ground” for breaches of integrity and are engulfed in betting-related corruption. 

Tennis is also a sport where detection can be notoriously difficult to prove especially in matches with very few spectators where ‘odd and peculiar wins’ can be put down to them being poor quality, low ranking matches.

Only the top 250 female players and the top 350 men players break even before coaching costs, yet there are around 15,000 professional players.

The report found no evidence however of any skullduggery at the higher level for obvious reasons – massive prize money and sponsorship deals.

My friend’s angle was always to look at the very lowest level matches available and then to oppose heavily odds on favourites, or even back the opposition with various bookies at big odds.

His main target though was low ranking matches listed on the exchanges. He would Lay the ‘odds on’ favourite first, then he found with alarming regularity the favourite would struggle in the first few games and so when the price lengthened he would step in and back the favourite, usually when it reached a price of 2.0 (Evens).

Of course this does not mean there was anything untoward going on as these things happen, but he tells me they happened more regularly than usual. Again it could be a coincidence but who cares to the reasons if they are profitable? 

So next time you have a chance, nip over to the Tennis markets and see what you find? Maybe it’s just a profitable angle full stop regardless of any skullduggery taking place and if that’s the case that will do for us!