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It’s coming to that time of the year where you would be wise to look to Lay some of the major horse racing stars of the 2017 official Flat turf season, especially the short priced ones typically around the 1.60 – 2.00 mark. It does not have to be in the major Group 1,2, & 3 races, it could be any class where the selection has had a long and hard campaign and is ‘odds on’ or evens at the highest.

I always find laying these shorties a profitable angle year in year out towards the end of both the Flat ‘turf’ and National Hunt season.

The official Flat turf season ends when the November Handicap is run, which this year is on November 11th.  I would start looking to Lay the shorties on the Flat turf from October onwards.

Whether it’s Flat or National Hunt racing we have to remember these animals are not machines and can typically suffer from weary leg syndrome towards the end of their respective campaigns. Even the lightly raced superstars of the Flat Turf can go off the boil late on, and as such are ripe for laying soon after September.

Another side angle to this is to back these seasoned campaigners pre race, then look to Lay ‘in-play’ at around 10% of that price.

For example;  If you back pre race at 2.0, you would look to Lay in-running for 1.10. Likewise, if priced at 2.50 pre race you would try and lay for 1.15 in play. This seems to be an angle that repeatedly works for me on such selections.

Why? Well the short priced stars of the main Flat season always seem to perform well right  up until the final 200 yards or so. It’s then they begin to tread water and more often than not finish second, thus enabling a good trade out opportunity.

Those of you who are members of my Quick-fire betting course will be well aware of the full rules for this strategy.

It’s an angle I feel is worth exploring further, especially when over the past 5 seasons it’s been working well for me. As such I think it’s a pattern that could be repeated year in year out as it has good reasoning behind it.

Testing Pod Update:

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – Football Test

Just to let you know we will be starting a new test of this using a twist on the Fibonacci staking sequence that I feel could be pretty safe and at the same time make some worthwhile profits.

It will be the same set up as the original trial in that we will be giving ‘2’ selections per day and looking to recover 100% of lost stake from the second match. However the difference with this test is that it we experience a complete losing day where both matches lose for us we will be adopting the Fibonacci sequence.

It’s explained in full from the link below so nip over now for the full rules before tomorrow (Thursday 14th September) when the new trial will begin.