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“Snooker loopy nuts are we, we’re all snooker loopy!” What a great record from Chas and Dave and one that should have breezed to number one in the charts.

I’m told it did hit the dizzy heights of number six though, which ain’t half bad I suppose. You could say they potted one red and then a blue and scuffed the next red. Or like me probably went in off the white…

Either way, I don’t think the stars of the day needed the money from their top ten hit as it was around this time snooker entered the big time prize money-wise with Barry Hearn’s Matchroom Boys taking a large slice of this prize money. On the other hand Chas and Dave may have welcomed the royalties to fund their next East End classic knees-up record…

Although I’m not very good at snooker, I do love playing rather than watching.

I haven’t graced the green baize for many years but in my day I did manage a highest break of 38 before it came to an abrupt end thanks to my complete lack of control over the white. God knows how I got that high a score but from memory if was one of those games where everything went right.

Anyway a few weeks back i was dragged kicking and screaming from my laptop by a friend who – like many – has the irresistible urge to chalk his cue whenever a major tournament starts. No doubt the snooker halls will soon be jammed with like-minded fair-weather players who the snooker hall regulars have complete disdain for.

You know the type – the very same people who’ll invade every tennis court in the country once Wimbledon gets going, only to lose interest once the next big sporting event comes on TV.

On our arrival at the snooker hall it was surprisingly empty. Mind you, the first round matches were yet to start on TV so maybe we timed it just right and had the pick of the tables on offer.

Having not visited for some years I was amazed at the sheer size of the tables – have they increased in size or have I shrunk with age? Still, I enjoyed the night with a nice break of a whopping ELEVEN. I was then told to use the cue the other way round as it may help my game.

Joking apart, I lost only by a narrow margin and could have caused an upset as my mate plays far more regular than me, a point he conveniently forgot to mention after my three frames to two defeat.

My narrow defeat got me thinking about my Giant Killing theory i touched on some newsletters back and that you can see in full here.

Apologies if snooker is not your ‘thing’ but you really don’t have to be a snooker lover to profit from the green baize. We can always apply a little of a psychological approach in order to profit, rather than using past form.
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New review alert

I’ve started a new review of a sport service entitled ‘Sport Betting Pays’.

This service focuses on all manner of sports, mainly football, but also cricket, with the summer nearly upon us. It also operates in many different markets within these sports, with stakes advised from a scale of 0.25 – a full point. Occasionally two points.

The guy behind the service, James Pacheco, really gets upset when he makes small losses, so clearly has high standards. You can read more about James and the service here.
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