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Don’t get me wrong, the advent of exchanges such as Betfair, Betdaq and Smarkets have been a godsend for ‘us’ punters.

Having revolutionised betting in terms of generally better prices and for the ability for punters to be able to trade, there are however times when it can work against the unsuspecting punter, as per the case below.

Faugheen’s Cheltenham withdrawal – who knew first?

An investigation is currently underway into suspicious betting patterns around the withdrawal of Faugheen from the Champion Hurdle last March.

First off, I would like to make it clear Faugheen’s trainer Willie Mullins, who is NOT suspected of any wrongdoing, spoke to officials from the British Horseracing Authority some months ago and was reported on Sunday to be interested in the case’s progress.

It all centres around Faugheen who won the Champion Hurdle in 2015, has only been beaten only once in his career and was the hot favourite for this year’s running of the Cheltenham race until 17 February, one month before the Festival contest.

Mullins reported he had a damaged suspensory ligament and would miss the rest of the season. It now appears that a number of bets against Faugheen, placed before that bad news became public, are under investigation.

Now this is a classic case of betting exchanges at their worst and where normal punters can be allegedly ‘taken for a ride without even knowing’.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to work out who was behind the Laying of Faugheen before the news of his injury became public and I will leave readers to make up their own mind on that one. That is if of anything was untoward in the first place, of course.

This is precisely why we as punters have to ‘factor in’ the likelihood of such rogue occurrences into our staking strategy.

Luckily I already do, as I know the sport of kings, football, tennis and indeed most other sports with human involvement are not whiter than white.

To what extent this happens and the level of corruption taking place is anyone’s guess.

Over time I found my own ways of spotting when something iffy may be going on in the markets. I’ve even devised several strategies that can show you how to profit from such occurrences, when spotted.

One strategy is used in lower league football and so long as you use stakes in keeping with your norm then you will profit without coming onto the radar.

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