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Racing has a traditional three day Christmas break starting next Friday (apart from Dundalk’s evening meeting, which is odd)… and well deserved too for all those involved!

In particular, all the stable and support staff who come through rain or shine,  never failing to deliver their charges to the racecourses throughout Britain in prime shape deserve their break!

These early morning winter starts can be tough going, so these three days must come as some welcome respite.

Let’s not forget these guys and lassies do it for the love of the sport and not the money, which makes it all the more special.

On the flip side, our poor overpaid footballers have to be training on Christmas Eve in readiness or their Boxing Day fixtures. Shame for them. Hang on a moment while I wipe away my non-existent tears…

Testing Pod update… a good start!

The draw selections are now in profit as I write, after drawing (excuse the pun) a blank on the first day.

Every day since has been a winning one and you will get them free in advance!

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Trial updates – week 8

A winning week for one of our services – and a welcome seven days at that!

Following a 20/1 winner for our other trial, how did it subsequently get on? Did it add to this total or fall back into loss?

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