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AND: Week 8 – Racing Consultants results update

Just a brief message this week, as no doubt many of you will be in the thick of it with Cheltenham fever abound.

Maybe you’re even attending this year, in which case it looks like you’re going to have a dry four days by all accounts. Dry meaning the weather, of course, and not the abstinence of the black stuff.

It’s going to be a very interesting last day to the festival, with gold medal winning Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton’s first ride at the course in the Foxhunters Chase aboard Pacha Du Polder.

Victoria has swapped saddles from bike to horse and after only a year of taking up the sport, she takes her chance amongst the crème de le crème of Jump racing.

Ok, so it’s not the Gold Cup, but to even be given a ride at Cheltenham after just one year takes some doing. I wish her well and a safe round of jumping. (Although not too well, as I’ve tipped against her in that race.)

Time to prepare…

With the start of the official Flat ‘turf’ season just around the corner, now is maybe the ideal time to start specialising in one niche area in this code of racing.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, if you want to make money in this game then you really do need to hone in on one or two niche areas and learn as much about them as you can.

Over the years I’ve met a few specialists in regards to racing/sports betting and all have one thing in common: their sheer passion for the area they specialise in. What’s more, all the specialists I’ve met bar none are successful for that very reason.

Many moons ago I used to attend a gym for my circuit training sessions (yes, don’t laugh). I got to know a guy who was obsessed with Jump racing.

Now this guy knew these Jump horses inside out, to a point where his predictions where stunningly accurate, especially in big races.

He could tell what blood lines were suited to what distances and going etc. He even visited every major Jump yard in the UK and Ireland to see the training techniques employed, and was immersed that much in the sport I could feel his passion when he spoke. And guess what? He never placed a single bet in his life – what a waste! I guess his winnings came in the form, seeing his predictions come true. Still a waste though.

You don’t have to specialise in horse racing, of course. It could be football, tennis, golf, or whatever. A head start would be an area you already have an interest in, or a chosen team or player you know inside out. That way you will have a feel for how they play, to a point where you can anticipate future patterns that WILL make you money, if researched thoroughly.

Never see time spent on specialising as wasted: it’s a huge investment for future use and, in this case, profitability.

Next week I will touch on how to start specialising in a very exciting area of Flat turf racing and an ideal platform on which to build.

Plenty to look forward to…

This time next week, Cheltenham will be over for another year and the last race of the festival is always a sad one for me to win or lose. It’s then we quickly turn our attentions to eating lots of Easter eggs. Sorry! I mean to the Grand National and the first big race of the Flat season: the Calvary charge that is the Lincoln Handicap – so plenty to ‘egg’cite us over the coming weeks.

BTW, if you layed the UK on staying in the EU at 1.44 two weeks ago, you would have already made a few pips as the back price: specifically, as I write, it is now 1.47.

Imagine how many times you could do this between now and June? Then simply equalise your profit across both possible outcomes, not forgetting to keep a sharp eye on EU-related events and opinion poles. In short, specialise.

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