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The golden rule taught to me by a few masters at this game over the past is NEVER under estimate the value and importance of having a REAL Betting Bank in place.

What I mean by ‘REAL’ is not just a betting bank in ‘theory’ or just on paper. Have the actual funds set aside and ready to be used if called upon.

It never ceases to amaze me how some punters having set a betting bank aside get nervous when they dip into it? Surely it’s there to be dipped into or why else bother having one in the first place?

It appears many just give lip service to having a betting bank but in reality hope it won’t be touched. If that’s your mindset then you’re doomed to fail from the outset and deep down I think you know it.

If we could make instant profits from a service or system then of course a betting bank would not be required. In reality that’s not gonna happen. So expect the expected and use it!

If you think it through, what business can be started without any seed capital? Whether it’s Gambling/Trading or opening a new clothes shop it cannot be done without working capital. Can you imagine opening a shop and then getting upset having to pay to the builders. Saying ‘No’ I can’t pay you until I am making a profit. I think you will get disgruntled looks to say the least!

In betting when you have dipped into your betting bank you have NOT lost. You are merely in the midst of operating your investment plan. At this point I have to add you have to have confidence in the plan or service you are following and one that is based on reliable past stats and validated results.

Once you have established the strategy/service you are following is fundamentally sound you simply carry on through the ups and downs.

I’ve lost count at the amount of forum posts I’ve read from members of various services who said they are losing faith when their bank is down by 30% or less? Then only to bow out and witness an uplift that would have seen them go into profit if they had simply ‘used’ their betting bank as planned. Yet they miss out – yet again! This is a classic case of those not really wanting to use the advised betting bank in the first place.

With many trading blueprints or services you will have more losing days than winning ones, and therefore fortunes can change very quickly, in one day in many cases. If you are not prepared to use your betting bank then don’t begin the investment process until you are prepared to utilise your seed capital.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1). Allocate an amount that if you were to lose half you would still carry on betting.

Eg. If it’s a £200 betting bank then make sure you would carry on if it dropped to £100.

2). You can if you wish see the whole lot as lost from inception. Then feel gutted that you have lost it (take the mental pressure off and release yourself from the emotional attachment). Then see every penny you win back as a bonus, as remember you have already emotionally accepted that it’s already been lost. Watch how this changes your mental focus over time.

3). Operate a percentage of bank at all times. Eg. 2,3,4 or 5% of bank and recalculate your new stake daily or after each bet. This will help you stay in the game longer. OK it may take longer to build your pot due to having less stake during the winning streaks. However, if operated for long enough and with the right plan, your bank should still build. That’s because when you win you normally win many times your unit stake, and when you lose you only lose your unit stake. That’s what many forget when they instantly dismiss this form of staking approach.

So next time you embark on your next trading/gambling service or strategy do consider the above points and they will serve you well over time.

Testing Pod Updates….

Against The Double (Lay Strategy):

A couple of losing days has seen the bank drop. However it’s still well in profit and from normally one lay per day and on short priced favourites I might add so small liabilities.

However as the A Team would say we have a plan. Where we will be aiming for a target profit of 8 solid points per month (96-100pts annually).

If you look at the monthly compounding table on my testing pod area (2) you will see we only need 6 points per month to compound small profits into some tasty sums and this is doable simply because we will be working on laying favourites so plenty of liquidity.

The Plan…

To achieve our 8 point monthly target we will still be using the Against The Double method daily but marrying it with another system for Football from Les Robson (co author of Quick on The Draw) that’s centres around the Both Teams To Score (BBTS) market. This is another well funded market on Exchanges such as Betfair and so getting your bets should not be a problem.

Therefore, it is suggested to operate both strategies daily and once both hit 4 points profit for the month we STOP! In short once we hit ‘8’ points from both combined we are finished.

So this new combo trial of both strategies will start this Saturday 24th June where I will round up the points profit from Against The Double to date and start it from scratch to work alongside the BTTS strategy. So watch out for this new exciting angle this Saturday.

I am very excited about the long term potential of this as it answers a lot of questions and problems many have in regards to accounts closures and/or restrictions as both can be used on Betfair only.

See last weeks results here;