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In last week’s in email we looked at two other staking plans to increase the profits obtained from the BTTS (Both Teams To Score) trial over on my testing pod. You can read last week’s email here if you missed it;

Unfortunately sods law has reared its ugly head over the past week which has seen a chunky downturn.  However, let’s see what happens when we apply the staking plan I was talking about last week?

It’s another modified version of the extended Fibonacci sequence only this one contains ‘12’ steps as you can see below.

The 12 step fib is one I have used with many strategies over the years to very good effect.

So here are the results from the BTTS trial if we were to use the 12 step option:

Month 1: +26.45pts
Month 2: -13.80pts
Month 3: -1.03pts
Month 4: +10.05pts
Month 5: +14.38pts
Month 6: -18.00pts (to 18th)

Total P/L: +20.10pts

As you can see it delivered a profit of +20.10pts using the ‘12’ Step Fibonacci and that was against a profit of +7.18pts using 1pt SAW (Stop At A Winner) from which the BTTS test was based on.  A pretty big difference I’m sure you will agree and all from applying a different form of staking that looks well within the longest losing boundaries so far experienced.

However I feel these profits could be improved further with the right selection method and as such I will be starting a new trial on the Testing Pod using the above ‘12’ step Fibonacci sequence. Only this time the test will be centred around Horse Racing and not Football. I plan to have a max of ‘2’ selections per day and betting in certain race types…

My early gut feeling is that adopting the ‘12’ step fib could be ideal for this.

We will be starting from a base platform and then adding building blocks in terms of adding filters along the way as and when necessary.

I will be looking to start this trial on Thursday 8th March and will send a reminder before then. For now though I think we will end this BTTS test.

However if you have your own method that could benefit from the 12 step  extended Fibonacci then what not give it a test yourself?

It’s best used on markets with very few possible outcomes e.g. Two market outcomes such as BTTS, Over/Unders,  or even applied to the place market of horse racing where you have the chance of trapping the winner over a 2,3 or 4 placing spread? It has plenty of room for error built in so long as the longest losing run ever witnessed with your method does not go over 12 and is based from a decent data sample.

Speak next week where we will be inching ever closer to the start of the 4 day Cheltenham festival!