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  • Old brush sweeps clean!

If something’s old, it doesn’t mean to say it can’t do a job for you: I mean just look at my mum’s 25-year-old outdoor brush – yes 25 years old! She just won’t part with it! 

It still brushes and that’s its main purpose, so why change it? Reminds of an Only Fools & Horses episode where Trigger said he had the same brush for 20 years. He goes onto say it’s only had 5 new handles and 4 new brushes, or something along those lines! 

Same can be said of betting systems or strategies that work for you. If they work, why change them? Sure you can adapt them for ever-changing market environments; however if the core method is sound then leave it well alone… A case of wear new shoes but follow old paths. 

For example, many footie traders are still making money by using the basic ‘Lay the Draw’ strategy. Not as much as the early days where some made small fortunes when the price of the draw used to give a generous lift upwards after a goal. 

These days, however, it’s a totally different story, with the draw odds moving very little. In some matches I’ve observed it only moving by as little as ‘1’ measly betting point and that’s even when the favourite takes the lead! 

Those making it pay today have to apply strict match selection criteria and have the bottle to ‘stay in’ the trade after the favoured team scores. Put simply, you need to win your full lay stake or close to it in order to cover losing trades brought about by the dreaded 0-0 scoreline. 

The question is, are there any further profitable twists on this tried and tested strategy? 

Well, I have a regular exchange of emails with a guy called Justin who swears by his own well-researched twist on the Lay The Draw method.

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