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I’ve got some good news…

I like to bring to your attention – as a Betting Doctor reader – special deals and products I think may be up your street.

As someone who’s shown an interest in profitable betting, I hope it may very well interest you as it has made a profit for the past 24 years in its current format.

Enter the Legacy & Saver System 2016

Come rain or shine, winter abandonments or whatever obstacles are put in the way of Racing, both methods combined always manage to deliver well over 100+ points per year by following a simple set of rules.

What’s more, you can get £20 off the usual price – but this is only available to Betting Doctor readers.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of my Legacy ‘Bet and Go’ system before but it is rightly acclaimed for making a profit every year for 24 years.

The package combines two methods – The Legacy and The Saver – to generate an all-year-round income stream. Used together, they minimize each other’s losses and helping you avoid long losing streaks – and maximizing your profit when the going’s good.

As a strategy it’s very low-risk and easy to follow, even if you’ve never placed a bet in your life.

For example, here are some figures for last year from simple level stake Backing (even better using the 10% staking method).

Legacy and Saver System Profit Performance 2015:


Great regular feedback just keeps on coming…

“I have the Legacy thanks and have been using it profitably since 2006 and cleared £7,000+ every year since – How’s that for a thumbs up!”
Tom Duncan

“I actually made over £8,300, and from smaller starting stakes! Then I took £5,300 out and carried on betting with the remaining £3,000 at stakes of 10% of the bank at all times.”
Kristian C

Legacy and Saver System Profit Performance 2016:


And there’s more…

As always, there’s our 30 day guarantee to give you time to try it out before you commit. But I’m sure you’ll be delighted, like some of our other customers.

“I noticed when the Legacy & savers system arrive at the same selection the results are cracking! 10 bets with 6 winners and at decent prices, I only get around 2 per week but they are rock solid!”
Ian R

“In a word very pleased with a good old fashioned backing system that works and an excellent 2015 so far!”
B. Duke

“A marriage made in heaven your Legacy & Saver System. I see what you mean about the combo working today, a typical example was yesterday where I had 2 Legacy losers but the Saver System had 3 winners at 4/1, 9/4 & 11/4! Then the next day the Legacy had 2 winners and the Saver had 1 loser so over 8 bets I was up £356.25 to £25 flat stakes. For such a simple set of rules it’s very effective but I guess that’s its strength”
Stef Johnson

You can read more feedback and claim your discount and bonus here.

If you have yet to try the Legacy & Saver System, now is a great time to do so. Form is settling down nicely on the Flat where consistency is prevalent.