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Nice to see someone winning from Trump’s Presidential win… and to the tune of nearly £111k!

Good luck to the bloke, I say. At least now he’ll be able to buy a decent pair of jeans.

On that note, no matter what the result in any event, someone always seems to have the winner… even if it is at 66/1 or 100/1.

Take televised racing, for example. You always seem to see someone jumping up and down at the winning post, having backed the winner even if it came in at extraordinary odds.

It leaves me thinking: “Who on earth backed that?!” Sadly, the answer is never ‘me’…

I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I often think these people winning line jumpers are bookmaker stooges planted there, told to go mad in front of the cameras no matter who wins.

Their mission would be to whip up excitement for those watching and entice punters to get a bet on the next race.

What a job, eh?

Testing Pod… starting soon!

Please keep tabs on my Testing Pod to be activated soon with a live trial.

The subject of the live testing is already looking the real deal in the pre-testing phase. I’ll keep you informed!

Trial Updates – week 7 already!

One service took a bit of a hammering and the other less so in the last seven days..

Find out which ones by clicking here: Week 7 of our twin trial of Low Hanging Profits and Fantastic Eights.