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Two exciting new trials have just started over at the Review section of Betting Doctor.

The first is Flat Racing Master that I have heard good reports about and is one of Betting Gods flagship services that operates on Flat Turf and All Weather racing

Apparently it’s bagging an average of £436.54 every month to 1 & 2 points Win and each-way bets. Certainly worth investigating at these figures especially from an average of just 2 bets per day sent via email the night before racing.

So really looking forward to seeing how this does over the All Weather Period that is prevalent now that the winter has set in.

The second trial I had lined up was for Leisure Racing Services from Betfan but unfortunately that’s no longer possible at this time due to various reasons.

So the second trial now involves betting on a sport that for the most part is unaffected by the seasonal weather and that is Pro Footy Tips.  Another Betting Gods service that claims averages of £191.70 every month from around ‘1’ strong bet per day to £10 unit stakes.

We are now approaching the second half f the season and this is what I call the haymaking period for many seasoned Football traders/bettors where stats can now be more relied upon in terms of the patterns formed from various teams and where they are heading for the season so it will be interesting to see if Pro Footy Tips can keep up the gallop throughout the second half of the main euro domestic seasons.

So head over now to see the first weeks results of both FLAT RACING MASTER & PRO FOOTY TIPS.

£500 – £28,345 Compound Challenge – Testing Pod End of Month Report

Well we surpassed the 8pts profit target for compounding purposes from the 88th minute TRADE OUT option and just 2 points off that target for the BET & Go Option. Still 6 points is great for compounding over for Month 2 and I’m sure 8pts would have been reached only for a few no bet days.

It’s clear the trade out at 88th minute option is the way to go, but remember you can use both options depending on whether you can be around to trade out and if not just use the BET & Go option.

Also where possible, selections will now be posted the night before in order that readers can catch the early morning games. So make sure you head over now to see what it’s all about here: