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Don’t ignore each way betting!

PLUS: Potential 5/1 winner for the King George on Boxing Day

PLUS: Football Advisor – 4th week’s selection and a nice profit!

I’m constantly amazed why more punters don’t make use of the simple-yet-effective each way staking method.

Each way staking is second only to the win single bet for the bet which bookmakers most loathe to take: it’s for that very reason why we the punter should make more use of it.

I have at various times mixed with some of the biggest pro-gamblers in the UK and Ireland. All of them, at some point, have utilised each way staking, with some adopting it on a permanent basis.

Even at prices as low as 2/1 (3.0), each way staking can be a very powerful weapon against the bookies, especially from a psychological viewpoint. I will explain why below…

Boost your betting confidence using each way betting…   

Each way betting can play a major role in helping you to carry on when the going gets tough. Let’s face it: if you’re an experienced punter, you will know what I am talking about here.

If horse racing is your chosen betting medium you will no doubt have far more placed horses than winning ones? It’s for that reason I always consider each way betting, even at odds as low as 2/1 (3.0).

I really don’t buy into the nonsense that it’s not worth betting each way below 5/1. For me, that’s too rigid a rule that does not fully appreciate the importance of regular returns, no matter how small, on the psychological aspect of your betting.

“Don’t bet each way below 5/1” is one of numerous comments you often hear banded about in betting shops from punters with no real money management in place. For me it is lazy thinking, and here’s why…  

If you were to have £100 each way on a horse at a price of 2/1 (3.0) in an 8+ runner non-handicap race and the selection finishes 2nd or 3rd, your total return will be £140 from your total stake of £200. That’s 70% of your total stake money returned – more in handicaps!

That, for me, is sensible money management. Regular cash-flow in and out is the key here, much the same way any good business would need for its day-to-day dealings.

The cumulative effect of these place returns frequently returning to your pot will ensure you are always betting with some of the bookmaker’s money from your turnover.

More importantly, they will protect any previous winnings accumulated and prevent the quick erosion of your betting bank.

You are then in a great position to take advantage of when the winners arrive, without having to recoup large previous losses.

Here’s a classic example…

One night out at the dogs with my friend, we both backed the same selections but took different routes in regards to staking. He had received two tips from his owner friend and decided to back both at £200 win stakes.

I decided to stake the same in total, but went £100 each way, instead of a straight £200 win bet. My friend wasn’t convinced and said it’s not worth it at the prices on offer (of 3/1 for his first tip and 5/2 for the other), despite me explaining the reasons behind my methodology.

In dog racing bookmakers pay a quarter of the odds for 1st and 2nd place. As it happens, the first of the tips got away slow and was eating up ground on the final bend, but just failed and finished second. I collected £175 for my second place (including stake). My friend: well he collected zilch!

Again, he staked a £200 win bet on the second tip and I had £100 each way. This time the dog was priced at 2/1, and guess what? Again, the selection finished second and I collected £150 for the second place and he collected a big fat nothing!

We then stopped betting and I returned home with £325, which left me to fight another day; my friend was down £400. Now don’t get me wrong, if both had won my friend would have made more profit, but remember, when betting to win only, the stats dictate you will have far more placed selections than winners, whether betting horses or greyhounds – thus, you will also have to cope with much longer losing sequences. If you can cope with losing runs then that’s fine.

I much prefer the comfort of knowing I will be receiving consistent returns flowing back into my betting bank from placed selections.

Each way staking also fits in with my own attitude to risk, and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t impact too negatively on my long-term profits, as opposed to betting win only.

So what do we take from all this?

I repeat: if you suffer losing-runs nerves, then strongly consider incorporating each way staking into your plans, even at prices as low as 2/1.

From a psychological perspective it will help you to proceed through the down periods, which let’s face it, are unavoidable. The secret is knowing how to deal with them, and each way staking is one way of ensuring you will keep your confidence and eventually realise the long-term profit figures you’re after.

The above article brings me on nicely to my each way tip for the King George on Boxing Day…

5/1 winner for the King George!

No sooner has that annoying relative eaten all the best chocs from both the top and bottom layer of Milk Tray and it’s Boxing Day! That can only mean one thing – the King George two-mile chase. Here’s my take on it.

CUE CARD gets my vote in what I call a knocking each way price of 9/2 to 5/1. For me, a knocking each way bet is a selection that has a very high degree of placing and also a very decent chance of winning.

Cue Card bounced back from his breathing operation in the summer with two very solid winning performances this season in the Charlie Hall and Betfair Chase.

The manner of both victories suggests this is a horse on the up and the King George may come at just the right time for him to claim victory. With Paddy Brennan on board I’m confident of a very big run, so make sure you give this one strong consideration if you are to have a bet on the race.

Finally, a huge thank you to each and everyone one of you who has joined me here at Betting Doctor.

I have plenty more to come in the New Year, including a few over-the-shoulder trading videos that I am sure you will find very rewarding!

It’s approaching that time of year when we should be reflecting on the previous 12 months in all areas of our betting operation.

Are we any further profit wise than on 1 January 2015? If not, why? Was it time constraints that held you back, or lack of betting bank, etc, etc?

Whatever has caused you to lose this past year, NOW is the time to stop the rot! I have given you some great pointers for profit in my early weekly emails.

If you still haven’t got the time to operate them, then I strongly advise you follow a tried-and-tested service where the work is done for you.

Start here, with a simple two-product profit portfolio, where I’m sure as night follows day will make your money in 2016.

One service is Bookies Enemy Number 1 and the other is Football Advisor. Although the review for Football Advisor is not yet over, I’ve seen enough of this over the past five months to know it’s the real deal. It’s already over 15 points in profit after Week 4 of my review. You also try it free for 7 days, with a high degree of winning money during that period to boot!

So there you have it: two great services that will provide you with a great platform to build profits in 2016. Just log in, bet, and profit!

Football Advisor – Week 4 profit/loss…

Another week of profits and we are now +15.19 points up at the end of Week 4. This also includes the selections I missed from Saturday 12 December due to Cheltenham.

That’s a very solid profit indeed, especially as this has not been one of their greatest months, due to some really odd results.

Personally I’m very happy with +15.19 profit, and if they have 11 more ‘poor’ months like this we are looking at a cool +182.28 points profit per year. If that’s poor then give me more of it, I say!   

However, I will continue this trial for another two weeks to cover the Christmas and New Year periods.

Start your seven-day free trial below, although no selections now until Boxing Day, as they take a well-earned break.

Click here for full details about the service

Tuesday 15th

3 Pt Bets:
Derby -1 at 2.00 – Won +3.0

1.5 Pt Bets:
Birmingham win at 3.9 – Lost –1.50

1 Pt Bets:
Burnley win at 4.5 – Lost -1.00
Charlton win at 2.5 – Lost -1.00
QPR win at 2.7 – Lost -1.00

0.25 pts Yankee (11 bets / total stake 2.75 pts
Derby (1.57), Birmingham (3.9), Burnley (4.5), QPR (2.7) at 74.46 – Lost -2.75

Wednesday 16th

No selections

Thursday 17th

No Selections

Friday 18th

No selections

Saturday 19th

3 Pt Bets:
Middlesbrough win at 2.88 – Won +5.64

2 Pt Bets:
Nottingham Forest win at 1.80 – Won +1.60

1.5 Pt Bets:
Newcastle win at 2.00 – Lost -1.50
Hull win at 1.85 – Lost -1.50
Spurs win at 2.8 – Won +2.70

1 Pt Bets:
Middlesbrough -1.5 at 6.1 – Won +5.1
QPR win at 2.80 – Lost -1.00
Sevilla win at 2.00 – Lost -1.00

0.5 Pts Hull (1.88), Middlesbrough (2.95), Newcastle (2.04), Nottingham Forest (1.82) at 20.52 – Lost -0.50

1 Pt Double Middlesbrough (2.95), Nottingham Forest (1.82) at 5.49 – Won +4.49

Sunday 20th

2 Pt Bets:
Liverpool win at 2.00 – Lost -2.00

1.5 Pt Bets:
Inter win at 1.80 – Lost -1.50

1 Pt Bets:
Swansea win at 2.10 – Lost -1.00
Real Sociedad HT draw at 1.9 – Lost -1.00

0.5 pts Double – Liverpool (2.05), Swansea (2.10) at 4.41 – Lost -0.50
2 pts Juventus (1.40), Roma (1.55) win at 2.17 – Won +2.34
1.5 pts Juventus (1.40), Inter (1.83) at 2.56 – Lost -1.50
0.5 pts Juventus (1.40), Inter (1.83), Roma (1.55) at 3.84 – Lost -0.50

Monday 21st

No Selections until Boxing Day

Weekly P/L Summary:
Bets: 24
Wins: 7
Strike rate: 34.28%
Weekly P/L = -4.56
Overall Trial P/L = +15.19

£151.90 @ £10 level stakes
£379.75p @ £25 level stakes
£759.50p @ £50 level stakes
My next news letter will be on 6 January, so here’s wishing you all and your families a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Look forward to seeing you in January!

Until next time!